Introductions for possible meet-ups


Hello, my name is Travis. I’m from Earth and currently living in Washington state. Where’s everyone else from? In the future some people may want to start stash meet ups, so our location could come in handy.


Be careful, if you reveal your location, Roger Ver might come after you and kill your baby


I never thought of that. Is he a known baby killer?


Nice name by the way.



Wow, I can feel the passion. So, many fakers out there, but I think he is sincere.


I don’t blame him for being frustrated. I too want a world that has more economic freedom, which will allow individuals to have a better livelihood.


He unfortunately is the main reason why BCH split off into ABC and SV.
Ver gave Craig Wright legitimacy and than Craig Wright abused this to create SV.

If you think he is sincere, than maybe he is too sincere and too easily taken advantage of.


It’s hard for me to judge him by that clip alone. I have followed Craig much more than Roger, but what I have seen from this whole split is what feels like a fake script. They are probably all working together, but I don’t know. I’m happy that there is a possible alternative.


The whole hashwar felt like the battle of armageddon with the 4 horsemen being Ver, Wright, Ayre, and Wu. :slight_smile:


Meetups are a great idea, Los Angeles here…


It looks like it’s just the 3 of us.